Crml Design

CRML Design

CRML  designs eclectic and sophisticated outfits, a mix between tradition and contemporaneity, creating a blurred boundary between the male and female universe.

A “fluid genre” where geometries and soft lines are mixed, a versatile balance with a strong stylistic identity.

In all the collections we can see the ability of the designer to combine the classic universe and tradition with the apogee of contemporaneity.

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We are in the late 1920s, when the photographer August Sander published a collection of photographs “Face of our time”, about 60 portraits, a collection called “People of the Twentieth Century”. The photographer portrayed the German society of that time: farmers, merchants, women, schools, classes and professors, artists and the ‘last’.

As in a play, the designer takes the subjects of the photos and makes them the protagonists of the scene, thus inspiring the new Winter capsule 2021/22 by CRML design. Unexpectedly, Sander’s portraits, censored at the time, come alive in the limelight. A coup de théâtre that redeems the work and identity of each individual subject, photographed by the artist and reinterpreted by fashion designer, Carmelo Morello for CRML design.

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