Crml Design

CRML Design

CRML  designs eclectic and sophisticated outfits, a mix between tradition and contemporaneity, creating a blurred boundary between the male and female universe.

A “fluid genre” where geometries and soft lines are mixed, a versatile balance with a strong stylistic identity.

In all the collections we can see the ability of the designer to combine the classic universe and tradition with the apogee of contemporaneity.

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CRML design  eclectic outfits with a minimalist attitude and characterized by a faint border between male and female, a “fluid gender” proposed in a perfect balance of shapes, proportions and contrasts that allow you to play and transform, for example, a paltò into a shirt while maintaining the harmony of the structure.

The balance on the edge of chaos, between the rigor and exasperation of the forms themselves, as in the transversal combinations of materials that combine the most classic fabrics with the most innovative and technical ones.