CRML design was born in 2018 from an idea of the designer Carmelo Morello, born in 1976, Sicilian origin but Roman by adoption.

A sophisticated aesthetic taste and a particular passion for knitwear and shoulder garments, give life to a creative and research project that is rooted in the sartorial heritage of our Made in Italy, creating a path of image and culture, always in perfect harmony between tradition and extreme contemporaneity.

These are the codes readable in the collections and perceptible in every single garment created in the laboratory.

The brand offers capsules with sartorial workmanship, classics reinterpreted with a “street style” twist.


CRML design  eclectic outfits with a minimalist attitude and characterized by a faint border between male and female, a “fluid gender” proposed in a perfect balance of shapes, proportions and contrasts that allow you to play and transform, for example, a paltò into a shirt while maintaining the harmony of the structure.

The balance on the edge of chaos, between the rigor and exasperation of the forms themselves, as in the transversal combinations of materials that combine the most classic fabrics with the most innovative and technical ones.

The Store

In Via dell’Orso 72 , In the heart of the Trident, among the historical alleys of the center of Rome.

opens the first store of the brand CRML Design

A space dedicated to the collections of designer Carmelo Morello, a place that reflects the taste and philosophy of the brand, a small “chamber of wonders” with a MITTELEUROPEA atmosphere.